This how the design process works at Brand Spanking New Design. Ideas from you, the client, are added to ideas from our minds, then enhanced and brought to reality and finally back to you, who, as you can see in the diagram, is very happy with the bright, shiny, new work we've done.

  • logos
  • posters
  • brochures
  • business cards
  • web pages
  • letterheads
  • corporate identity
  • scanning

We also do photo/image editing for fixing old photographs with cracks or discolouring. Maybe you're tired of seeing Uncle Ned in that photo on the beach but you look really good in that bathing suit. How about we just remove him from that photo?

Remember, if you can think of anything else, we'll try it and all our projects are guaranteed to be fresh and new everytime. You can check out samples of some projects on the samples page.


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